Conway Mirage

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Conway Mirage

The Conway Mirage trailer tent

Packed and ready to go for this summer
This isn't just a tent its a mobile holiday home

The trailer tent has been owned from new and used many times over the last 6 years. It has been to many places within the U.K. and across to France and even to Jersey.

The Mirage was made locally at Conway Camping in Appley Bridge and they use their engineering combined with Cabanon canvas "best in the world". At the base of the canvas is a plastic splash guard to protect your tent from mud damage during downpours.

Over-Winter Storage
This tent has been dry stored throughout each winter since new, the cooker and sink have been greased before storage to protect their stainless finish. The main canvas, curtains and roof linings have always been removed and dry stored ready for the next season.


The kitchen section is part of your trailer and is detached when you arrive at your campsite, it comprises of doubleburner and grill, sink + drainer, swivel tap with storage areas below for cutlery, plates etc

The trailer folded down sizes are:
Length 3.6m 11' 9" * Width 1.2m 4' * Height 1.030m 3' 5"

Trailer tent erected:
Length 6.1m 20' * Width 4.3m 14' * Height 2.5m 8' 3"

Living area:
Length 3.9m 13' * Width 4.3m 14'

There are two double beds each are:
Length 2m 6'8" * Width 1.5m 5'

You sleep off the ground

safe and sound

Internal Storage
The trailer tent has many areas for storage, firstly in the stowage bins all your clothes can be kept, "we never took a suitcase on holiday" everything was packed away ready to go.

The next main storage are your upright wardrobes, and beacause the tent comes with an extension, you get two. These wardrobes have a metal pole where you put your clothes on hangers to save creasing.

The final storage area is underneath the beds, and this is a massive zone on each side of the trailer tent where you could put your beach things, trailer cover, car top box, fridge etc, or you could fit a suspending bedroom still available from Conway Campers.

Open living
This tent has plenty of living space inside with the ability to roll up the side wall, and if required the entire front for easy access

Reason for sale

The only reason we are selling our trailer tent is now our children are making their own plans for holidays, its unlikely just the two of will use this lovely canvas home again. So now we have found another method of getting about and exploring in our "VW Bay Window Camper"